1. Bleeding Gums

If you find that your gums are bleeding when you are brushing or flossing, or if you find blood on your brush or in sink then it is clear that you have gum disease. Sometimes flossing your teeth after a long time can cause slight bleeding for a day or two. Generally, if you have bleeding gums it should stop after two to three days; if it does not, then you will have to visit the dentist immediately.

2. Sensitive teeth

If your tooth feels sensitive whenever you eat and drink something hot or cold then it could mean that something is wrong with your teeth. There could either be cavities in your teeth or sometimes there could be cuts or openings in your gums that could heighten sensitivity and cause infections to be formed.

3. Tooth Pain

If you have severe, continuous tooth pain then it means there is a problem and you would have to visit the dentist immediately. It would generally be severe tooth cavity that needs to be taken care of.

4. Mouth Sores and Bumps

If you find sores and bumps on your cheek or gums you must immediately visit the dentist. It could cause infections or further complications and it could also be signs of oral cancer.

5. Darkening Gums

If you find that your gums are solely darkening to a black colour then it could mean that there are infections inside them or it could be a gum disease. Visiting your dentist at the early stage would make the treatment a lot easier and with lesser pain involved.

6. Loose teeth

If you find that your permanent teeth are loose and shaking then you have to visit the dentist before they fall so that it can be remedied.

7. Broken, Cracked or Chipped Tooth

If your teeth are chipped, broken or cracked, then visit the dentist soon because the sharp edges of the broken teeth can cut your cheeks and gums and that can lead to infections.

8. Swelling in the Gums

If your gums are swollen then it could be a sign that there are infections or cuts in the gum and they require a visit to the dentist.

9. A Filling or Crown that Falls or is Loose

If a filling or crown from a previous treatment is loose or has come off then they should be replaced immediately. The crowns and fillings protect the teeth from germs and infections from entering the teeth and hence should be fixed as soon as possible.

10. Severe Jaw or Ear Pain

If you have severe jaw pain sometimes accompanied by ear pain then it could mean that there are deep cavities or that the wisdom teeth have no space to grow and hence should be shown to the dentist.

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