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WISDOM TEETH: Signs That You Have To Visit the Dentist

Wisdom teeth are the third and last set of 4 molars that grow during your late teens and twenties (adult teeth). They are at the very back of your mouth on the upper and lower jaws on both sides. Healthy wisdom teeth help to chew food but deformed teeth or pain while emerging needs an urgent visit to the dentist.

Why are they called wisdom teeth?

They are called wisdom teeth not because they make you smarter but because they usually grow when you are older. They grow around 17 to 21 years of age. You get two on top and two below and they complete the set of 32 teeth that an adult must have.

Why are some tooth partially formed?

They most often do not have enough space to grow and are not formed properly or sometimes some of the 4 teeth do not come out of the gums at all. Most times it is accompanied by pain or discomfort while trying to grow and they also take a few years until they finish emerging. Most often they are deformed and also only partially appear out of the gums.

Why do they pain when they grow?

There is usually a slight discomfort when they grow but often times there is a lot of pain involved. This can prove to be dangerous and hence needs to be addressed without delay. The most common problem is the lack of space for the teeth to grow. This can lead to impacted wisdom teeth (teeth trapped in the jaw or under the gums). This can also lead to the teeth growing in the wrong position and damaging other teeth.

What happens when the teeth have no place to grow?

  • Teeth trapped under the gums (impacted teeth).
  • The tooth can grow in the wrong direction and damage other teeth.
  • Wisdom teeth that grow in the wrong position allow for gaps between the teeth and gums that can cause food to get stuck there leading to increased bacterial activity which in turn causes cavities.
  • Since there is not enough space, it makes it difficult to clean, floss or brush between and around the teeth.
  • Cyst can be formed near or on an impacted teeth that is buried under the gums or only partially sticking out. This can cause damage to the bone or to the neighboring teeth.

Do you have to remove your wisdom tooth?

Wisdom teeth generally need constant monitoring to see that they grow properly and do not get damaged. When there are certain changes in your mouth due to the wisdom teeth then it means that they have to be removed. These are a few symptoms

  • When there is pain.
  • If the teeth are growing in the wrong position.
  • They damage other teeth.
  • When wisdom teeth chip off and are disfigured.
  • If they have emerged only partially.
  • If there are cavities.
  • When there are cysts and tumors.
  • If the wisdom teeth are impacted.
  • When the teeth are infected and if there are gum diseases.

What are the treatments available?

Most often doctors recommend that wisdom teeth have to be extracted if there is too much damage that cannot restore the teeth. Extraction involves numbing the area around the teeth and pulling the teeth out using forceps.
Sometimes, surgical extraction is recommended especially for impacted teeth that are under the gums and tumors and cysts.
Here at Praveen Dental, our experienced doctor uses cutting edge technology for assessing and treating problems involving wisdom teeth. Patients can avail a variety of services including extractions and surgeries.

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