Root Canal Treatment (RCT)- Relives pain

 I have heard the procedure cause severe pain? Is that true

No. its untrue.

 rct is the procedurce done to provide relief from a badly paining tooth.

You’ve probably heard the old belief that root canal treatments are painful.

With modern anesthetic techniques to relieve pain, new concepts in endodontics & modern equipment rct can be done with very little/ no pain.

In fact, root canal treatment will stop the pain.

More importantly, it saves your tooth.

When do we do root canal treatment?

Tooth with any of the following complaints need rct

Tooth with a deep cavity (hole)

Painful tooth with a cavityIMG-20190302-WA0016.jpg

Tooth with cavity, swelling & pain

Discolored tooth

Broken tooth

Sensitivity to hot coffee, ice cream & cool drinks/ juices

How   long each session takes and how many visits.

Most of the cases can be done in one visit (Single visit rct). 1hr  to 90 minutes of one session.

Few teeth demand more than 1 visit which can be done in 2 or 3 visits (Multi visit rct).

 Time for each appointment may range from 30-45 minutes.

Very few teeth with complications, require more than 3 visits.

Can diabetic pts go for rct

Yes. It’s  the most suitable treatment  for the diabetic patients for 2 reasons.

Because they will have more hungry compared to the normal people.

Second, tooth removal is not advisable in diabetic patients.

So it’s very important to maintain good healthy teeth to eat better.  So the need to save a damaged, paining tooth if any is a must. Since, rct relieves pain as well save the tooth, people with diabetes can undergo the procedure without a spec of doubt/ worry.

What is the latest advances in root canal treatment

Endomotor, Rotary files, Electronic Apex Locator, RVG- digital radiographs,   Magnification Loupes,  CBCT , Microscope and better anesthetic techniques.

Do we need to place a crown after root canal treatment

It is always good to protect the tooth after rct with a crown. Because the tooth  becomes a bit weak after the procedure.  And we eat all the foods including hard items when the tooth is not   paining. Biting on hard food may cause tooth fracture. To avoid the tooth fracture it is advisable to place a cap/crown after rct.

Do we need to frequently do the rct or change the crown

A good root canal & a well fitting crown generally serves for nearly  10+ years. If the crown is loose / there is any gum problem, then the crown should be changed.

Another situation is the pain/swelling  after  few/many  years of rct. Then the tooth needs rerct.

 it is very important to have a tight filling, if the rct is done & the crown is not placed. Because in the absence of filling,  food & bacteria enter into the tooth & again infect the tooth. Repeat /re rct is needed in such conditions.

How long the root canal treated teeth lasts.

       It should serve for a lifetime if it’s done properly and maintained well by the patient.

Well there is no absolute guarantee for anything…

It depends on many factors. Quality of treatment, materials, techniques &equipment used ,Expertise of the Doctor. General  health of the patient, disease status of the tooth, oral hygiene maintenance by the patient.

               Dr Praveen kumar is an endodontic specialiast  who has percieved speciality course in root canal treatment in internationally  acclaimed universities in america & has received extensive training in this field. He has done more than ten thousand rcts successfully. He is also involved in teaching profession training dentists for root canal treatment. He is also an endodontic consultant.      


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